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Dan and The Lions Den was founded in 2017 on behalf of Daniel David Nitchie, our loving husband, son, brother, friend and dad.

In April of 2014 Dan was diagnosed with stage four colon rectal cancer, and the cancer had already spread to his liver.  The first surgery was to remove a portion of his colon, then there was a second surgery to put him back together eight months later. Dan started chemo therapy and while going through that,  was able to gain the strength and love from my mother to continue to travel, work, and even hike. In July 2017, Dan ended up in the ER and that is where the hardest part of his journey began. Once Dan was home, he decided that he wanted to stop the chemo and look into more natural medicines. My mother and I supported his decisions every step of the way. On September 29th of 2017 Daniel David Nitchie passed away with my mother and I by his side in their home, with their dog, on their terms.

My mother and I are so grateful and feel so lucky that we were all able to say all of the things we wanted to say to one another. There was so much quality time, right up to the very end. My mother was there every step of the way...diagnosis, treatments, diets, clinical trials, chemo, doctor's appointments, ER, hospice, and the whole time while she took care of him he was doing the same, which was taking care of us. Dan made sure, even though he was going through all of this, to take care of my mother financially. They worked together to make sure we were able to spend quality time as a family.

That is our purpose at Dan and the Lion's Den, to provide financial relief for families going through cancer treatment. Time is so precious and should be spent with your loved ones during difficult times.


Please consider taking the time to help our wonderful cause.